Our response to COVID19

The QA Commons is mindful of the dramatic and transformational impact COVID-19 is having on all institutions of higher education. As an organization, we are adapting our services to support preparing graduates for the workplace that is now changing more precipitously than ever.


Employability Self-Assessment is Launched

The QA Commons is pleased to share the launch of its new service, the Employability Self-Assessment (ESA)!

A press release was issued and, Chief Learning Officer, a publication focused on the importance, benefits and advancements of a properly trained workforce, picked up the story: New benchmarking tool for higher ed seeks to address workplace soft skills gap.

Sixteen programs in Kentucky all went through the self-assessment process in their journey toward EEQ Certification. The importance of inquiry, self-assessment, exploration and group engagement on the topic of employability became very clear and the stand-alone “ESA” process was designed in response to these findings. In early 2020, the QA Commons engaged with the Connecticut State College and University system and 24 programs are now immersed in the ESA. The QA Commons is excited to offer this service more broadly and work with higher education programs to better prepare students to be successful upon graduation, and throughout their careers.

To learn more about engaging with the Employability Self-Assessment, please contact info@theqacommons.


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