Our response to COVID19

The QA Commons is mindful of the dramatic and transformational impact COVID-19 is having on all institutions of higher education. As an organization, we are adapting our services to support preparing graduates for the workplace that is now changing more precipitously than ever.


Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines?

Today, the QA Commons congratulates Lumina President and CEO Jamie Merisotis on the publication launch of his new book, Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines.

In this book, Mr. Merisotis notes that the role of workers is being transformed—and often rendered obsolete—by automation and artificial intelligence. He argues that “we can—and must—rise to this challenge by preparing to work alongside smart machines doing that which only humans can: thinking critically, reasoning ethically, interacting interpersonally, and serving others with empathy.”

We at the QA Commons agree! Founded in 2016 with funding from Lumina foundation, the mission of the Quality Assurance Commons is to ensure that all learners are prepared for the changing world of work. In our work with more than 70 programs at 28 institutions of higher education, the QA Commons addresses eight Essential Employability Qualities—communication, thinking & problem solving, inquiry, collaboration & teamwork, adaptability, principles & ethics, responsibility & professionalism, and learning. These qualities are  integrated into a framework for student employability that also addresses the roles of career support services, employer engagement, student & alumni engagement, and public information.

Ralph Wolff
President and Founder
The QA Commons


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