PEOPLE SKILLS such as collaboration, teamwork, and cultural competence

PROBLEM-SOLVING ABILITIES such as inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity

PROFESSIONAL STRENGTHS such as effective communication, work ethic, and technological agility

These are Essential Employability Qualities that graduates need  in the 21st century world of work – regardless of field or discipline. Given the dynamic nature of work, the need to find, create, and sustain work and learning also grows.

Yet many employers are finding that graduates are not well-prepared with these qualities.

The Quality Assurance Commons for Higher & Postsecondary Education (The QA Commons) is transforming higher and postsecondary education to ensure that students graduate well prepared for employability in the 21st century. Through new approaches to quality assurance – the Essential Employability Qualities Certification (the EEQ CERT) – The QA Commons is addressing the needs of employers, learners, institutions, and the larger society.


The Quality Assurance Commons is partially funded through National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) under a grant from Lumina Foundation.