Students & Accreditation

In July 2017, The QA Commons sponsored two of its Student Quality Assurance Advisory Delegation (SQAAD) members – Ahmad Shawwal and Erick Montenegro – to attend the Postsecondary National Policy Institute’s Higher Education Accreditation Boot Camp for Perspective Policymakers.  Here are their thoughts:


Involving Students in Accreditation

Students are key stakeholders within the dynamic new landscape of higher education, and they must be valued and engaged as such. There are many opportunities for students to participate: serving on review teams, having a responsible place in policy and decision making, being invited to provide input in preparing and writing standards, having accreditation ambassadors inform other students about the process, and so on. All of these levels of involvement have been, for years, required as part of quality assurance processes in Europe and have proven to be effective. It is time for the U.S. to adopt a similar model.

Simon Boehme, Director of Student Engagement, published this piece in The Huffington Post and it will also be posted on the CHEA website – check it out!

Involving Students in Accreditation

The QA Commons is committed to engaging students — in designing a prototype quality assurance process with us, in participating in that process, and in engaging other students in the important work of assuring quality in higher and postsecondary education.