Mindy Feldbaum


Mindy Feldbaum serves as Senior Workforce Development Advisor for The Quality Assurance Commons. Ms. Feldbaum is also Principal of the Collaboratory, a strategic education and workforce development consulting firm that helps transform the effectiveness and impact of postsecondary education and workforce development programs, policies, and systems for students, institutions, and employers. Ms. Feldbaum brings more than 22 years of experience and expertise in education and workforce development policies, programs, and large-scale initiatives, working with postsecondary institutions, national associations, employers, foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits. At the Collaboratory, Ms. Feldbaum has worked on a variety of projects including co-leading the Transformative Change Initiative (TCI) to build a learning network of community colleges to scale up innovations to improve student education and workforce success and serving as Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation study that examined the employment outcomes of community college graduates. As part of the NSF study, Ms. Feldbaum co-wrote a guide entitled “Using Unemployment Insurance Wage Data to Improve Program Employment Outcomes: A Technical Assistance Guide for Community and Technical Colleges.” Ms. Feldbaum also held the position of Vice President for Strategy and Programs at the ACT Foundation; oversaw $2 billion in grants for four major discretionary grant programs at the U.S. Department of Labor; and served as the Senior Director of Workforce Development Programs at FHI360, where she led the development and implementation of a green workforce development and sustainability portfolio. Ms. Feldbaum holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Public Administration/Public Policy from The George Washington University.

Contact: mindy@theqacommons.org