The success of our Pilot Program has quickly led to other initiatives. As these projects develop in Kentucky and Connecticut, the QA Commons is working to expand directly to other institutions and systems. 

Kentucky EEQ Certification Initiative

The Kentucky EEQ Certification Initiative is ultimately intended to serve as a national model for how educators and employers can work together for student success.

To help strengthen Kentucky’s workforce, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), has partnered with us to develop this 18-month, statewide initiative, which launched in November of 2018. Our Stakeholder Advisory Committee convenes employers and provosts in Kentucky to link employer needs with the certification process.


Kentucky Faculty Employability Fellows Program

In response to initial findings through Kentucky’s participation in EEQ Certification, a ten month Fellowship program has been designed in order to get faculty more involved in creating cultures supporting employability. The Fellows will engage directly with regional and statewide employers and policy makers and undertake original research projects. Through this direct interaction, the goal is to enable faculty to learn first-hand Kentucky’s workforce needs, employer concerns and views of the role higher education needs to play, and at the same time, provide opportunities for faculty to share their successes and challenges in attempting to address these workforce needs.

Meet the Fellows.

Connecticut Employability Assessment Initiative

Commencing in early 2020, the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) will execute a partnership with The QA Commons to undertake an initial, self-assessment, phase of EEQ Certification. CSCU will use this rigorous process to build program and institutional capacity to assure the quality of credentials from an employability perspective.

27 programs from nine Connecticut colleges and universities will participate and will include both liberal arts and workforce-type disciplines. The knowledge gained from the self-assessment will contribute to the System’s building a new program review process, with thoughtful and relevant student learning outcomes as the principal element.

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