Essential Employability Qualities: Co-Designing A New Quality Assurance Model

In the 2017-18 academic year, The QA Commons is partnering with a number of institutions and programs to co-design a new model of quality assurance focused on undergraduate degree and certificate programs that prepare graduates with Essential Employability Qualities (EEQs) for the 21st Century.


The Essential Employability Qualities Certification (EEQ CERT) is a new form of higher and postsecondary education qualityassurance that will certify bachelors, associates, and certificate programs that prepare graduates with the Essential Employability Qualities:

  • People skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and cultural competence
  • Problem-solving abilities such as inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Professional strengths such as communication, work ethic, and technological agility

Articles about this initiative:

Read more about the EEQ CERT pilot project here:

Overview of The QA Commons

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