Automate This: Building the Perfect 21st-Century Worker

We came across this article on third way’s site and are compelled to share it as it speaks to the focus of our EEQ CERT project — supporting higher educational programs in ensuring graduates have the 21st century employability skills that they will need not just for their first job, but for their lifelong and life-wide professional and personal development.

As the article points out,

The 21st-century worker must be prepared for a career in a new economy defined by a “radical dynamism” that flows from increasing global competition and rapid technological change.8 The ability to learn and adapt to changing demands within and between jobs will be crucial to remaining competitive, relevant, and employed.9 That means all workers need to be equipped with a foundational set of skills that will allow them to successfully learn, adapt, and enter new workplaces throughout their careers, as existing jobs change and as new jobs are created.

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